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Anyone who has ever been in charge of a large moving project knows that a professional is a necessity, not a luxury. This is certainly true for hospital relocations Moving a hospital requires extensive planning and experience Professional hospital movers have a moving coordinator on staff that are skilled specially in the moving of a whole healthcare facility – including expensive laboratory and medical equipment, hospital beds, and patient records, to name a few. This requires the expertise of a moving company that understands the logistical challenges hospitals face the relocation process.

The Complexity of a Hospital Move
The logistics of a large hospital Hospitals have millions of dollars in medical, surgical, and laboratory equipment – equipment that can not be quickly and easily replaced In addition, hospitals must find a way to relocate without disrupting the patients. Even small hospitals face many challenges during the relocation process. From Mapping out the new location to the planning of the transition between two facilities, experienced hospital movers are required Moving Company San Diego.

Using Hybrid Hospital Movers
Many moving companies get themselves as hospital movers, but few offer more than standard equipment moving services True hybrid movers do not just move all of the hospital’s equipment; They provide a wide range of additional services such as records management, secure shredding, and the destruction of medical equipment.

Hiring just one company for multiple tasks enabled hospitals to reduce their liability as they move the number of vendors used in the move. Some of the services provided by hybrid hospital movers include:
• Medical records management and storage
• Project management
• Packing and moving gondola
• IT and computer relocation services
• Medical and laboratory equipment moving
• Installation services
• Recycle and disposal services
• Space decommission services

Choosing the Right Mover
When selecting a hybrid hospital mover, it is imperative that you perform some careful research. Not all moving services are created equal and, with your precious equipment, you want to hire a moving reputation. Look for movers with a successful track record of moving hospitals.

You will also want to work with reputable hospital movers that do not use temporary workers. They should have a highly trained and skilled permanent staff Look for a hospital mover that is a member of the Commercial Relocation Network, which means the company uses industry best practices and state-of-the-art equipment to relocate your medical facility.

Coordinating Your Move
Moving a hospital requires a highly coordinated sequence of events that should be handled by a professional. Hiring hybrid hospital movers with the right experience makes the process smooth, and ensures the project remains time and within budget.

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